Washington Llorens

The inception of Llorens Pharmaceutical dates back to 1899 with the birth of renowned pharmacists, Washington Llorens. Washington’s upbringing and life work became the stepping-stone for what his legacy would become in the years to come.

In 1925 Washington earned a degree in Pharmacy and Chemistry from Temple University. Once he returned to his birthplace, Puerto Rico, he worked as a chemist for the federal government, in the Federal Laboratory of the Internal Revenue Service’s Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Taxation, where he studied different substances that were confiscated in Puerto Rico to determine if they were legal under the law. He was also a member of many executive boards relating to pharmacy and chemistry, as well as a journalist and literature critic.

Washington’s passion for pharmacy was passed on to his grandson and mentee, Jose Llorens, whom launched Llorens Pharmaceutical in 1985. In 1989 Washington passed away; however, his life’s work inspired the mission of the company: to improve human life by developing quality health products. When Jose founded Llorens Pharmaceutical he concluded that the best way to lead his company was to personally visit doctors around the island. With this acquired knowledge, he started developing what consumers were seeking: quality and economic friendly products that would aid consumers with their nutritional needs.

In the early 1990’s, Jose started growing his team and introducing a variety of products to hospitals, nursing homes, and nutrition centers. After steady success in the Puerto Rican market, Jose decided to expand the business and open Llorens Pharmaceutical International Division in 2001 in Miami, Florida. Jose’s daughter, Karen Llorens, and son-in-law, Jose Hernandez, were now overseeing the international operation and continuing with the family legacy.

After 15 years, Llorens relocated to Miami, Florida and in 2017 opened the doors to its own manufacturing plant, as well as in-house laboratory. This milestone supports Jose’s childhood vision of becoming a full service company that would house all aspects of the pharmaceutical development.