Online Seller Policies

Llorens Pharmaceutical International Division, Inc 

Authorized Online Seller Policy  

Effective 09/25/2023 

Llorens Pharmaceutical is committed to collaborating effectively with our valued partners to facilitate the sale of Llorens Pharmaceutical products, including brands such as Proteinex, Hematex, Llorens Care, Llorens Wellness, Aminorip, Llorens Pharmaceutical Sport Division, Llorens International Division, Nephronex, Llorens Vintage, Tusnel, Fiberex, Nutrivit, Orasep, Dologesic, Dermagesic, Natalvit, Conex, and any brand that may be owned by Llorens Pharmaceutical in the future, through online channels.  

To safeguard our brands, intellectual property, and authorized channel associates, Llorens Pharmaceutical has established this eCommerce Authorized Reseller Policy. These policies serve to protect our end customers, ensuring they receive accurate product information, pricing, and customer service that aligns with Llorens Pharmaceutical standards. It also promotes fair competition among resellers while supporting those who invest in stocking and marketing Llorens Pharmaceutical products, complying with Llorens Pharmaceutical policies and programs. Llorens Pharmaceutical will interpret and enforce this policy at its sole discretion. 

To become an eCommerce Authorized Reseller ("Reseller") for Llorens Pharmaceutical and its associated brands, you must meet the following requirements: 

  1. Sell on Approved Websites Only

Unless explicitly authorized in writing by the Director of Sales, Director of DTC, or the Director of Wholesale after the effective date of this policy, Resellers may solely take orders via websites owned and operated by their own company. Selling on third-party marketplaces (e.g., Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc.), drop-ship accounts (e.g.,,, Newegg, etc.), or classified sites (e.g., Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, etc.) is strictly prohibited, unless explicitly authorized by Llorens Pharmaceutical in writing. 

  1. Maintain Accurate Brand & Product Information
  • Properly utilize all Llorens Pharmaceutical trademarks.
  • Sell products only in their original packaging.
  • Refrain from duplicating or developing different UPCs to differentiate products.
  • Advertise using up to date images and marketing material to accurately represent the brand.
  1. Online Marketing

If a Reseller intends to participate in the marketing of Llorens Pharmaceutical brands and products through a Google AdWords Account, the reseller must request a list of approved ad keywords from Llorens Pharmaceutical. This is to avoid direct competition with Llorens Pharmaceutical's primary marketing efforts. 

  1. Sell Only to End Users

Only distributors who purchase products directly from Llorens Pharmaceutical are authorized to resell products to Resellers in accordance with this policy. Resellers should not sell Llorens Pharmaceutical products to other eCommerce resellers. In the event of inadvertent transactions with other eCommerce resellers, Resellers must disclose transaction details (e.g., date and recipient) to enable Llorens Pharmaceutical to enforce this policy. 

  1. Unauthorized Exports or Marketing in Other Countries

You shall cooperate with Llorens Pharmaceutical in preventing unauthorized exportation of the Products. You shall not advertise for sale or ship Products outside of the U.S. or sell Products to any third party that advertises for sale or ships the Products outside of the U.S. without prior written consent from Llorens Pharmaceutical. 

  1. Bulk Sales by Resellers

The Products may not be sold in bulk by Resellers. "Bulk" is defined as more than (3) cases in a single transaction. Resellers must make reasonable efforts to identify suspicious purchase patterns and promptly report them to Llorens Pharmaceutical. 

  1. Customer Confusion

You may not advertise, market, promote, display, demonstrate, bundle, or sell non-Llorens Pharmaceutical products in a manner that creates the impression that non-Llorens Pharmaceutical products are made by, endorsed by, work with, or are associated with Llorens Pharmaceutical or the Products. 

  1. Disclose All Seller Names & Properties

Maintain accurate and up-to-date company information and disclose all retail locations, web properties, temporary storefronts, and seller names across all channels directly to Llorens Pharmaceutical. Any seller transacting through eCommerce must report all websites and seller names advertising or transacting Llorens Pharmaceutical products to [insert email address]. 

  1. Llorens Pharmaceutical Minimum Advertised Price Policy

All Resellers acknowledge that they have received Llorens Pharmaceutical's MAP policy from an authorized Llorens Pharmaceutical distributor or Llorens Pharmaceutical company. Violation of the MAP policy will result in immediate revocation of Reseller status. 

  1. Legal Compliance

Resellers must comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations related to advertising, sale, and marketing of Llorens Pharmaceutical products, including but not limited to: 

Avoid making false or misleading claims or engaging in deceptive sales tactics. 

Comply with CAN-SPAM and similar laws when emailing customers. 

If maintaining an online presence, publish and adhere to a privacy policy. 

Use known and trusted checkout vendors and ensure PCI-compliant payment processing. 

  1. Enforcement

Resellers who fail to comply with any term in this policy may be subject to enforcement actions at Llorens Pharmaceutical's discretion, including but not limited to:  

  1. Loss of authorization to sell Llorens Pharmaceutical products online.
  2. A reasonable opportunity to sell through existing inventory if authorization is revoked.
  3. Suspension of shipments.
  4. Permanent termination of the Reseller's account with Llorens Pharmaceutical.
  5. Resellers must not attempt to circumvent any terms of this policy. Llorens Pharmaceutical will interpret violations of this policy at its sole discretion, and no failure or delay in enforcement shall constitute a waiver of rights. Llorens Pharmaceutical reserves the right to modify this policy at any time.
  6. Failure to comply with the updated terms may result in direct action being taken against violating accounts on third party platforms.