Story Time: Brand Revamp

Story Time: Brand Revamp

Early days

Seeing the need for a high-dose protein in 1998, Proteinex was founded with one goal: to make life better and healthier through clean protein products.

Our team wanted our product to help people through an already difficult time by maintaining their health while going through kidney treatments so that they could go on living out whatever dreams they had before the illness hit them hard.

Our liquid protein was created with a dialysis patient's dietary needs in mind. It is a complete protein that helps them recover quickly and efficiently. Patients can get the necessary daily amount of nutrients for each meal with one or two doses and pump some life back into their diet, which they may have lost during treatment. We started with just an unflavored version, and after years of research, we are proud to say we now have six different flavors. 

The Evolution 

The benefits of Proteinex, a low-dose liquid protein enjoyed by dialysis patients, started making it popular among nutritionists and doctors. They began recommending the supplement to cancer & weight loss surgery patients due to its high nutritional value and easy use for those who are recovering from their procedures or starting new diets.

Proteinex is a low-dose liquid protein that nutritionists recommend to because of the positive benefits enjoyed by dialysis, cancer & diabetes patients. Proteinex also contains less fat & cholesterol than regular beef or chicken broth. Furthermore, it has gained traction in the diabetes community as it is a zero sugar alternative that packs a lot of protein. 

After 23 years of hard work, we have gained the trust of a variety of specialists. Doctors and registered dietitians alike use our products to help their patients achieve weight loss goals while still meeting dietary needs.

Our company has been around for over two decades now, and it's more important than ever that people find out about us so they can start benefiting from all the good things we offer!